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two girls eating each out in a fit of madness
holy shit they are lezzing out.
by zing September 05, 2003
To mean good or excellent referring to both people and things
'He is the fucking boy at airhockey.'
'You know that seafood buffet? it's the boy'
by zing September 17, 2003
Often confused for a negro-indian mix, this Cuban Jew is lanky, tall, and sports an afro.
i thought his afro was a dead animal, because of the smell
by zing January 16, 2005
These are a pair a boobies that have a down and up curv like a crosaunt almost. Genereally acompanied by a large set of tits.
Man, Leila has a nice pair of boobs but I am gonna bet they are arangitang titties because she is foreign
by Zing February 14, 2005
A scottish asian man often sporting a large head of hair and some sort of facial hair.
Dude, I do not want to drink Thai Whiskey in the morning.
by zing September 05, 2003
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