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A variation on the classic motorboat technique (see below) normally applied to breasts, the Larsen Outboard is instead applied to butt cheeks.

Motorboat: The act of pushing one's face in between two ample breasts, and rocking one's head side to side very rapidly while making a vigorous, lip-vibrating "brrr" sound.
Moosy (Larsen) asked Steady to cook him a cheeseburger.

Steady replied, "Sure, right after you finish motorboating my butt cheeks."

A loyal friend and hungry for a cheeseburger, Moosy obliged him with a Larsen Outboard.
by zhakespeare March 14, 2010
The effect created when farting inside hip waders, which are commonly used during duck hunting. A takeoff of the phrase dutch oven (to fart under covers and then pull the covers over your or someone elses head), the duck oven is contained inside waterproof waders, slowly releasing itself to almost no one but the wearer. However, when the waders are removed, the effect is shared and rather potent if there have been multiple duck ovens created.
After a hunter's breakfast of coffee and beef jerky, Cecil watched for mallards and silently enjoyed his duck oven.
by zhakespeare October 04, 2009

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