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an indie band so blatantly lacking in creativity, charisma, and skill, that it is almost unbelievable that they haven't just decide to off themselves.

Also the fans of such bands, who are often without a clue about what makes music awesome, and instead they listen to any old shit, because it was on T4 the other day, and the bass player had a nice haircut. (T4 is a shitty UK tv show which is 'hip' and 'with it' and 'edgy')'

Damnit! this song sucks ass!!! the Kaiser Chiefs are indie-nile.

by zeusfox March 09, 2007
A term used to mock an individuals musical taste, or judgement in general, inferring that they are something of an idiot. Comprised of the term 'bell end' - meaning the end of ones penis, and 'Belle and Sebastian' - a moderatly popular band of the late 90's, thought by most people to be slightly crappy.
don't listen to a word he says Norman, he likes bell end sebastian!
by zeusfox March 09, 2007
Lighthearted mockery of a below par, sub-standard indie band or of someones crappy musical taste.
Nice collection of indie poop you have there Calvin! your such a belle end sebastian!!!

by zeusfox March 09, 2007

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