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When a white woman brags to her friends about sleeping with dark skinned black men.
I overheard Donna coal boasting to Kelly about her hookup with the son of the Djibouti Ambassador.
by zcl July 28, 2006
Performing cunnilingus from the wheelbarrow position
Sarah needs to build up her arm strength; we were barely ten minutes into a chinese bricklayer and she needed to rest.
by zcl July 28, 2006
The people and processes required to reduce profitability and effectiveness in a company.
We've really been building an impressive gimpfrastructure at Fremulon Inc. In the past year alone we've added 4 SVPs, a Chief Innovation Officer, and a Chief Personnel Development Officer.
by zcl March 18, 2008
extremely hot women that seem to pointlessly populate hip areas such as clubs, bars, malls, high schools, etc.
I nearly vomited at the sight of all the trickage at the club last night.
by zcl December 31, 2003
spoonerism of club, viz., the strip club. see also, rab, viz., bar.
"Hey Chazz, I'm up at the bluc. Call me when you get off work."
by zcl May 07, 2007

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