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3 definitions by zbj

to act as if you are a potential boyfriend/girlfriend JUST to have sex with them... then never talking to them again.
"i don't know what to do, zach... i dont LIKE them, i just want to FUCK them..."
"dude... just pop 'em and drop 'em"
"haha dudee.... i will... CHER! we need your help!"

cher: "i'm on my way..."
by zbj May 25, 2007
bitch in t9 in text messaging
"yeah... fucking bitch..."
by zbj May 25, 2007
someone who is morbidly obese
"haha look at the m.o."
"you guys, that sucks... its not HER fault she's fat."
"...that's a guy?"
by zbj May 25, 2007