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when you put the cherry side of the blunt or joint and you fold your hands into a cylinder with another person and put your mouths on it and blow threw the blunt or joint to get the other person higher and they blow it back threw the hands so the person with the cherry side of the blunt or joint can get high and doing that back and forth until someone pussys out
zane: hey you wanna shot gun bro

avery: yea sure

avery: *cough cough cough*

zane: ahh you take it like a bitch
by zane123456 May 11, 2006
dirogatory term: the act of not joining in on things that others are doing. being a pussy and or as soft as a cake
zane: hey avery you wanna go egg that one hippy in 3rd period?

garris: no thats mean and what if we get cuaght?

zane: so what stop being a little pussy cake
by zane123456 May 11, 2006

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