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People who hail from Iran, true descendants of the Aryan race (so Hitler was kinda misinformed when he though blonde hair and blue eyes meant Aryan). Once an enourmous empire covering most of the middle east, eastern africa, India, and a good chunk of China. Persians are NOT Arabs, and calling a Persian person an Arab - even by mistake - is a very regrettable thing to do...

Persians are often of olive or dark brown complextion, but some can be on the fair-skinned side too. Most of either have dark brown or black hair, often wavy. Curly hair is very prized among Persian society. Eyes are usually a light brown or green. In some regions of Iran, the people are known for their incredibly long eyelashes (even on the men). Coincedentaly these are the same people who have the aforementioned fairer-skin. A common stereotype is of Persians being incredibly hairy, and while this has truth to it, it is a bit exaggerated among media portayal.

During the cultural revolution in the 1970s and 80s, many Persians immigrated out of Iran. Most often they would have to be refugees in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Turkey, until they were given a good oppurtunity to reach the western world. Today there are large Persian communities in Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, and New York. Persians outside of Iran are often of higher-class and live in nice neighborhoods. Many Persians have high-paying jobs such as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and Investment Banking.

Soccer, Wrestling, and Martial Arts such as Taekwon-do and Wushu are very popular sports among Persians. The food of Iran is often based around rice, beef, and vegetables, and is known for its delightful aroma and flavor. In the past, girls were often trained to cook, clean, and be housewives. These days equality among men and women is commonplace and women work just as much as men do.

Persians outside of Iran have a high-rate of interracial marriage, most likely due to a simple lack of other Persians to marry in the first place. Statistically, there is a high rate of marriage among Persians with Japanese and Latinos. Persian/White marriages are also common. The men seem to be more likely to marry a non-persian than the women.

Though their government's integrity is questionable, the Persian people have a rich culture and history.
by yummiu_yummiu March 18, 2007

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