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Losers+Users. Originates from MIT. On their old mainframe systems, when you turned on a terminal it would say something like "57 users online". Someone hacked it to "losers", and someone hacked again to "lusers".
Welcome to the Network. 207 lusers online.
by yu suk November 15, 2003
A bunch of lying, back-stabbing, double-crossing, faggot-ass theives. Exhibit a nasty holier-than-thou attitude. They have their eyes on you, their ears on your phone line, and their head up everyone's ass.

Be a thief, the government hates competition.
Area 51 does exist, and they've got some weird-ass shit in there. If you try to fly over it, F/A-18's run you off.
by yu suk November 15, 2003
Shows up in Buena High School (Ventura, CA) bathrooms. Usually written in ceramics glaze, requiring sanding to remove from the partitions.
"FAW" is a fuckwit
by yu suk November 15, 2003
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