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When u find your sack stuck to the inside of your leg and you don't want to be so obvious as to reach down and pry it off your leg, you kick your leg out to the side while you walk in an inconspicuous attempt to shake your sack loose
While walking down the street I accidentally cowboy kicked an old lady into oncoming traffic, but at least my sack came loose
by ysoEZ4jsweezy January 22, 2008
When the heat is so intense that u find your balls stuck to the inside of your thigh thus having to pry them from your leg
1. I was walking down the street with both hands occupied so I had to do the cowboy kick to pick my melvin

2. I wasn't embarrassed at all to reach down in public and start picking a melvin
by ysoEZ4jsweezy January 22, 2008
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