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Is what you say, when you and at least one other person, simultaneously, say the same word(s). If you are first to say jinks, you are in effect the jinks master, and the person who uttered the same word(s) and who is now jinksed, cannot speak, until someone says their name in full. Utterring words while jinksed however, will result in double jinks, triple jinks and so on and so forth, for each additional word spoken.
Trudy and Rebecca: The chocolate one please
Trudy: JINKS!
Rebecca: Huh!?
Trudy: double jinks!
Cecile: Rebecca Smith
Rebecca: Phewww, thanks cecile
by yoyoyoyourmama July 26, 2006
Is what you say when someone either within a defined perimeter, or smell-shot radius of you, farts. If you are the farter, you must pass the fart by tapping (or hitting) someone, and then shouting jab shield, which prevents it from being passed back. If someone smells your fart they can shout jabshield before you have decided to even pass it, thereby alerting others to the fart. The objective is to not be the person stuck with the fart.
Bill: {fart}
Bill hits Bob
Bill: Jab shield!
Bob: Doh!
Ben: Jab shield!
Bryan: Jab shield!
Bob hits Bernard
Bob: Jabshield!
Bernard: Dammit!

Bernard is stuck with the fart.
by yoyoyoyourmama July 26, 2006
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