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1. a game that is too fucking cool for words to describe.if you havnt played it then you cant realy say you've had life experience when applying for a job.

2. to do something that snake/raiden would do.
PE teacher: John you nob jockey, you were suposed to rugby tackle him, not metal gear solid him. im no doctor but id say that neck is quite positively broken.

John: its go time.(pulls out assult rifle and shoots PE teacher in the balls continuously while PE teacher tries to call for backup)
by your having a harris November 10, 2006
someone who is imature and a bit of a nerd but is likeable and funny all the same. unless your a complete chav who thinks everyone who isnt as solid as you should be twatted.


a whales nob. as the rather funny picture above points out.
Chandler off friends or seth off the oc. i cant give examples of real people cos i dont know all the dorks you know. that picture is making me lol myself stupid.
by your having a harris November 10, 2006
1. something about making up lyrics on the spot, or the much more hilarious version:

2. to go up behind someone like a nerd or teacher and pretend to do them up the ass(prefferably when theyre giving a lecture or something).
watch me freestyle this cockfag while hes moving that heavy furniture. he probably wont see me but even if he does theres nothing he can do
by your having a harris November 10, 2006
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