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semi-large, richie rich town in southern coastal RI. NK'ers are generally white and rich, although most of them like to pretend they have much less money than they really do.THey frown on less-nice parts of town such as Yorktown and other parts of Davisville b/c they lower their economic ranking. NK'ers attend NK high school, known throughout the state as "NK University" b/c of it's ridiculously nice bulding and facilities. Kids at NKHS range from white kids who like to think they're black, rich kids who like to think theyre hippies, preps, kids who like to think they're punk and emo, etc. typical school uniform includes jeans, flip flops, and blood-shot eyes b/c the only thing to do in this town is get high and these kids r pros at this.
any other RI high school student: Oh, you go to NK? (rolls eyes)
NKHS student: Yeah, but you don't understand me, and we kicked ur ass at lacrosse.
by youda March 06, 2005

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