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1. fucking dickhead that goes from rebound to rebound and doesnt fucking give adiquate fucking reason to kick yer ass to the gutter.
2. a measurement of 2 inches
1. goddamnit hitler is such a fucking shinkaren
2. nepoleon had to have such shinkaren piece of dick
by You Know Who This Is May 30, 2003
1.) Derogatory term for your friend Mitch; to be used on all festive occassions.

2.) rhymes with "Biatch".
"What up Miotch? pass the bowl...biatch!"
by you know who this is February 17, 2004
inadequate in the ways of fuck
jamez is such a shinkaren. =D
by You Know Who This Is May 30, 2003
Generally, all the girls at villa are huge beersluts and have nothing better to do with their lives than spend it completely fucked up with their mouth on some guy's dick e.g every senior at that school. It's pretty sad that you guys consider yourselves outstanding and different in a good way, because everybody just likes to get u fucked up and take advantage of you. Have fun wasting your life and carrying around those STDs.
"what are we going to do tonight?"
"get fucked up and hook up with dudes. that's what we always do."
"i mean in addition to that."
"is there anything else to do?"
by you know who this is April 04, 2005
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