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Jamez, this one awesome bestie; that is a silly waffle:P.
Had our up and downs but this time, we be stickin together like dem waffle and syrup ice cream!
TALL, LOVE HIS BEAR HUG, FUN, MY PUNCHING BAG, SILLY, GETS injured HHAHA, warm, fun, caring sdfskdhjfb words cant describe!

love ma waffle (yn) <3
Jamez is the definition of a silly waffle.He is my waffle
by Ninja waffle penguin December 30, 2011
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A Jam-Ez is a gaysian with bad aids and anal seepage.
I know this guy who is a Jam-Ez, he is a fucking ugly loser with siphilis.
by Faceboy January 16, 2007

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