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Fans commonly found at rock and metal concerts screaming "SLAYER!" randomly and often throughout the show. These fans can be found screaming the name of their favorite band whether Slayer is on the bill or not.

see: slayering
Random Concertgoer: My god, why arent The Fray on stage yet?


Concertgoers: What?
by yo guy January 24, 2007
1) Any situation where the outcome could result in your undoing. Usually in some freaky ass accident, as seen in the Final Destination movies.

2)Exclaimed after or used to describe an event that ACTUALLY WAS like a situation from the Final Destination movies.
1)"yo guy, change lanes. driving behind a log truck is some final destination-type shit."

2)"i really wasn't expecting to see a kid get hit by a milk truck today, that was some final destination-type shit!"
by yo guy February 10, 2007
1.) the official article of clothing in the state of New Jersey

2.) One who participates in domestic abuse

Boss: you seriously came to work in a wife beater?

guy: all i had. blow me.
by yo guy February 10, 2007
Any one person who is prone to walking into dangerous situations without knowing or caring. Derived from the character RoboCop's tendency to walk through fire fights with no regard for the hundreds of bullets being fired at or around him. Originally used to describe a paintball referees ability to walk across the field mid-game.
M: You just walks across the field as they're shooting! Hell, some of those kids were shooting at you and you didnt even care! You've got that Robocop complex!

"the man walked across the busy highway. he must have robocop complex"
by yo guy February 09, 2007
1.) exclamation used to point out one being overly dramatic

2.) something you say when an actor or a movie in general is incredibly shitty.
Dramatic girl: how could this happen!? Now im crying in front of everyone! What am i gonna do!?!

you: ...and the oscar goes to..

crowd: haha, what a dramatic bitch!
by yo guy February 11, 2007
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