97 definitions by yo mama

a whore that belongs to me not u
ure mom is nachoho shes my ho
by yo mama October 01, 2004
1)to squish and flatten so much that a piece of paper is fatter then it.

2)to whomped

3)to chew food
you were whallumped by the hammer

whallumping food makes it go down faster
by yo mama June 17, 2004
Doing cocaine
Yo, hes beeen bustin wigs hella lately.
by Yo mama December 01, 2003
mackin a lot of bitches
Wow you were really pimpin the nation last night!
by Yo mama March 14, 2003
I'm down, I'm in
"want to party tonight", "yeah, i'm game"
by yo mama April 22, 2004
jumping rope using two ropes swinging in opposite directions.
jumping rope is easy... but double dutch is hard!
by yo mama September 11, 2003
the anus, which is in fact a muscular ring. Its kinda gay-slang
the ringie can be brown of pink, what do you prefer?
by yo mama June 12, 2003

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