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Noun, a type of young lady.

Stands for Sweet, Sexy, Psychotic.

Taken from the poem "Giving a Poetry Reading", by Charles Bukowski.
Reggie: Whoa man, see that redhead at the bar? I just made a joke to the barman and she laughed. Look, she's smiling at me.

Ron: Steer clear brother; you see that guy over there with white hair? She was with him for a week, two years ago. Now he spends all his time in here. Pure SSP.
by yet_another_jimbob February 18, 2009
Everyone who's read an internet forum will have come across these needy individuals, randomly posting their sub-baudelaire, sub-robert smith, sub-fucking-MCR doggerell.
Thread Title: just a litle thing i wroet.. looking for a publisher.....tell me wat u thinklol!!

Message Body:

No, I can't do this; it's too painful. You've either been raped by a poemo, or you haven't. If not, I'm glad for you. I will never be clean again.
by yet_another_jimbob February 11, 2009

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