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You call on a friend that is not liked by your circle of friends, but is always around anyway. Get them really drunk. Find a dead girl (don't try at home) and place her freshly (1 to 2 days old is the best) dead body in a different room on a bed. Have several friends hide in the closet of said room. Tell your friend (victom) that there is a really drunk girl in the other room sleeping and if he orally pleasures her he is guarenteed a bit of "the ol' in and out." Now when you friend starts to get busy on her south bound action all you friends come running out the closet and jump on her stomach. This makes all her internal organs (or mong as it's called after death) come out her box and into his mouth! Hence, the Mongolian Buffet.
never heard of anyone doing the Mongolian Buffet, but my ears are open
by yehudah October 11, 2006
A term created by author Jeff Brown, 'love elders' are individuals who have had a vast range of relationship experiences and help to support others to heal from love connection, to sustain love connections, to understand the many challenges and delights that accompany great love in particular. Teachers of relationship as a spiritual practice.
I met my soul-mate but it was so difficult to handle all the feelings that came up in the connection. Luckily, we found some love elders who could help us to understand what was getting in our way and to teach us some techniques to keep the lines of communication open.
by Yehudah April 02, 2014
A term created by author Jeff Brown, Enbullshitment is the ungrounded and unreal version of heightened consciousness (aka 'Enlightenment') that is advocated by the new age movement. Where enlightenment naturally includes all elements of reality, enbullshitment only includes those aspects of reality that are comfortable and convenient. Self-avoidance masquerading as expanded awareness.
I used to sit before a guru who i thought was enlightened, but then i realized he was just a master of enbullshitment. He was motivated by egoic, financial and sexual things, and not by any real effort to deepen his consciousness.
by Yehudah May 22, 2014
A term coined by Ryan Mayer-Bresgi at the age of 7, an 'apptritionist' is an app technician, one who creates new apps, and who also helps you to cut back on your apps so that you are not overwhelmed by technology.
"I have so many apps on this phone that I can't get anything done. I called the apptritionist to help me clean them up and to select the right apps for my needs."
by Yehudah November 20, 2013
Created by Soulshaping author Jeff Brown, one’s Wintention is their victorious intention, their success plan, their blueprint for overcoming the odds and achieving their goals. To wintention is to plan on nothing less than the achievement of whatever goals one establishes.
In my statement of wintentionality, I listed all 4 steps I will take to overcome my challenges and get into law school.

It is my wintention to build a school in Africa to give children a chance for a better life.
by Yehudah March 29, 2013

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