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The friend of Barney the purple dinosaur
"Hey barney"
"Hello BJ, how are you today"
by ye September 11, 2003
to shoplift.. steal...
yo u teethed my style... where u get dat candybar? i teethed it from tha store....
by ye November 30, 2004
like something about to be totally righteous but you realize its scary!!!
guy #1: dude that move was righteous!!
guy #2: ahh bro that dude just bailed ahh sick man that shit was frighteous!

asian #1: frighteous, dude
by ye March 28, 2005
a cool funny nice person who laughs and is lucy and laughs and is nice
your such a lucy! i wish i was as lucy as you :(
by ye April 25, 2005
An India dude who's smart, real smart. He is also charming. He is sort of overconfident and bragging some times though and can be really loud n talks a lot but meh, can't complain.
You ARE an Om, and don't say otherwise!

Stop acting like an Om, I won't be able to help myself!
by ye November 12, 2004
He is smart, charming and sexy. He is everything a woman wants and chicks dig him. He is sort of overconfident and bragging some times though.
You are such a Ommy, really!
by ye November 09, 2004
a dum retarded loser who keeps bragging nonstop about anything that he achieved that HE thought was great. Super talkative and a loserish wanna be. only way to shut him up is to ignore him.
I hate people that act like Om...they're so annoying and act like retards.

Eww..., tht person acts like an Om, run away b4 u get cooties from him!
by ye November 13, 2004

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