19 definitions by yanar

commonly applied to 1/8th of an ounce. can be used for larger quantities but isnt a standard measurment for anything over an o.
Motherfucker asked for an eights and wanted to front me the money.. fuck that bitch.
by yanar October 26, 2004
Hes a motherfucker; hate that guy
Man, fuck that fucker!
by yanar November 30, 2004
street for methamphetamine
Not a popular term as it is only used by people with a clue. If you dont have a clue, ice is for you.
Guy: hey i got some dope skirt, want some?
Me: na im cool wit this chewy
by yanar April 15, 2004
If a motherfucker spill his motherfucking drink on you in the club while you fresh he fucking up yo couch man. If a bitch loud as hell in yo ear while you trying to get your smoke on or you sleep, she fucking up yo couch man. If the police come around this motherfucker messin up your paper they fucking up yo couch.
Fuck yo couch: nigga you fucking up my couch.
by yanar October 28, 2006
stupid motherfucker that wants to be nyar, but plays everquest all day and has no fucking life.
nyarlathotep, go suck dick u fucking looser.
by yanar April 14, 2004
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