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19 definitions by yanar

Cuddy; Homie
A close friend; part of a clique or crew
Me and my sahas straight puffin on the indo and sippin on the Carlos Rossi
by yanar November 27, 2004
When u gotta keep limping to keep your pants up because the gun in your drawes.
Recognize my bald head and my gangsta limp
Damn it feels good to be a pimp
by yanar April 21, 2006
1. To fuck shit up, make shit better
2. Funny word
Fucking nyar that shit mang
by yanar December 07, 2004
Another word for word. Not a homophone, as a homophone is something pronounced the same but has a different meaning.
Guy1: That fool trying to cap on people using whirred is a dumbass, misusing homophone and shit.
Guy2: Whirrrrrrrrred!
by yanar October 03, 2005
commonly applied to 1/8th of an ounce. can be used for larger quantities but isnt a standard measurment for anything over an o.
Motherfucker asked for an eights and wanted to front me the money.. fuck that bitch.
by yanar October 26, 2004
Talking shit, fronting.
I told him to park his tongue, but he kept on talljacking and shit, pillow talking and motor mouthing and trying to impress that bitch.
by yanar September 15, 2005
To come up selling dope.
Make it big, make lots of money.
I've been slanging weight lookin for a comeup when i bubbled.
by yanar October 26, 2004