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the funniest poster in the world. ever.

i want to have kontrollerx's babies.
by yab April 28, 2003
1. A Penis
2. Being Screwed over...(kabosed)
1. "I heard Steph likes the kabose"
2. "I knew I shouldn't have blazed before school...The Test KABOSED Me!"
by yAb February 14, 2005
A place where all the UBER 1337 people hang out.

A place to talk about teh buttsecks and the only good place on the internet.
by yab April 27, 2004
Malignant. Oppressive. Monster.

The woman who believes that birthing you gives her everlasting control over your life. It was twenty years ago... get over it.
"Dude, my M.O.M. is such a bitch!"
by yab February 28, 2005
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