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An expression/name used when seeing a fine looking male or female
Bobby:"Damn break me off a piece of that Kit Kat she's lookin good all over!"
by xxxfishnetsxxx April 20, 2009
A book intentionally bought for
bathroom reading.
Jordana: God she's been in the bathroom forever.
Allee: She must be enjoying that bathroom book right about now!
by xxxfishnetsxxx February 27, 2009
A clique of people at work who constanly goof off, socialize, and waste company time with one another.
Cole: I swear it's always a party over where i sit. Do thoses slackers have nothing to do?!
Alex: I wish the boss would catch all those Monkey Workers in the act.
by xxxfishnetsxxx March 12, 2009
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