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Everyone in Glen Rock is insanely hott and fun. They are hilarious and aren't all snobby or pretend or anything. The schools are awesome and it's an awesome hang-out town! We've got awesome stores and everyone knows each other. There are no secrets in Glen Rock. If you have one, don't tell it. There aren't any bad people except for the ones who come from Paterson at night. We have 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school, combined with a high school. We have a really good faculty and the academics are very good as well as fun. The sports are awesome too.
Ridgewood kid: "wow this town has real people not fakes like Ridgewood."
Glen Rock kid: "that's how we do it here in Glen Rock. We're so awesome we don't need to pretend that we are."
#fun #awesome #hott #pwnage #sexy #wundaful
by xxxblahBLAHblahxxx January 25, 2011
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