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A country that exists, for better or for worse. Fix it. Be proactive, don't be ignorant.
Israel: "Since I already exist, and it doesn't look like i'm going anywhere, can't we just attempt to devote our time to solving my social problems and educating the Arab and Jewish youth to break the cycle of hate and ignorance?"
by xwing December 05, 2009
Epicdank is a word that can be used to describe anything that is epic, dank, or magicdank. But it isn't limited to that, it can mean so much more. Epicdank has Epicdank potential.
Alex: "Oh my god I was schnitzin SO hard during lunch today"
Noah: "Epicdank dude!"
Jonah: "It ain't even like that... But it's o k.

Noah: "Don't fuck with Miriam... It's epicMAGICdank"
Jonah: "it's o k..."
by XWING November 25, 2009
A person who has eaten too much Schnitzel might say...

"Man... I'm Schnitzin right now..."
"Dude, I heard Jillian is Schnitzin' right now...."

"Dude... Fuck what you heard! I'm Schnitzin!"
by XWING November 25, 2009

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