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nickname given to a skinny girl who's hips are very disproportionately wider than her skinny waistline
damn child bearing hips, that's one nice ass!
by xtremelybuffji January 01, 2004
A painful feeling in the testicles, usually felt after being very sexually aroused, but you never blew your load.
"that girl was just playin' with me, cause when i was ready to fuck she said no and went to sleep! i got sooo blue balled!"
by xtremelybuffji January 01, 2004
the feeling of extreme anger, hatred, or other feelings of malice that lead to different acts of violence and stupidity, associated with going through puberty.
I sense some pubescent volitility in that vandalism
by xtremelybuffji January 01, 2004
1) to release fekel excriments from your anal cavity.
2) to take a shit
3) pinch a loaf
Hold on a second! I gotta go shoot a dookie!
by xtremelybuffji January 27, 2004
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