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An overload of porn or a place where porn is abundant. Also, a group of cheerleaders working out.
"Dude, your bedroom is like 'pornorama'! You got the wanky mags all over your crib, homes!"
"Those chickettes are hawt.""Yah dude, it's like, pornorama."
by xtrasyn November 02, 2006
Wank magazines, as in, porno.
"Sweet sixteen is my favourite wanky mag"
"I'll have those twelf top shelve wanky mags to go, please"
by xtrasyn November 02, 2006
Short for Pill-Horny, the crazed sexual state of arousement one reaches by taking a few E's.
Girl: "Everybody's so nice and I'm so phorny! Someone do me now!"
Boy: "Took a few hits of Love-X and I became so phorny I gabanged my ho all fucking night!"
by xtrasyn November 02, 2006
Gabang could be short for gangbang but is mostly used as an enforced version of banging. Like, ka-pow, or be-jesus.
"I gabanged her 'till my schlong could rise no more"
"She wanted to make love but I was so phorny I gabanged her puss 'till it foamed"
by xtrasyn November 02, 2006

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