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prounounced "smaks"

To hit somone so hard online it jumbled the letters.
Dark smakcs T1gger into next week
by xthedarkx1 October 15, 2006
Special Tard
A tard that chooses to mess things up so badly they go beyond the standard Tard definition.
Oh man, you messed that job up so badly I can't even figure out how to fix it. You realy are a Spectard
by xthedarkx1 September 18, 2009
pronounced "wiz wa"

abbreviation of "Wise In The Ways Of The World."
Eggnog: Dark is wisw
by xthedarkx1 October 24, 2006
Abreviation of clumsy oaf.
Did you drop another laptop? You Cloaf
by xthedarkx1 September 15, 2015

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