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Scene bopping is the emo/scene kid way of hardcore dancing. It requires no skill or ability. It is basically poor hardcore dancing. There is no rythme in the motion, it is always done during incorrect or unappropriate parts of songs, and looks very sloppy. The kids who do this are called Scenie Boppers.
Scene Bopping- hardcore dancing poorly in skin tight jeans and emo hair.
Scenie Boppers- people who participate in this activity

by xronaldx December 19, 2005
A really attractive and beautiful girl.
She such a mookies.

I wish i was as mookies as her.
by xRonaldx February 09, 2006
Is a person who dances to hardcore music.

Hardcore dancers are often easy to spot by their passion towards the band which they are dancing to and tend to have a good fellowship with all of the other people dancing. If the band has a sing-a-long part, hardcore dancers are the ones to run up to the stage and pile-on in order to sing along. If a hardcore dancer is to fall down, another one will pick them up.

Fallacies of hardcore dancing are that it is done by kids with eye make-up and tight pants and that it is mindless waving of arms. These are kids who are scene bopping. For anyone who actually dances they know that it is very hard to mosh properly in tight pants.
It is also not as simple as simply swinging your arms around like scene bopping, but actually involves going in time with the music at certian times during a song.
Two-stepping is a motion that takes lots of practice and can look very good if done correctly.
Look at that Hardcore dancer in adidas shorts climbing over top of the people in the front in order to sing along.
by xronaldx December 29, 2005
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