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A thin flexible disk, usually made of rubber, that is stuck up in a woman's pussy so that it covers the cervix and keeps the boyfriend's sperm from gettin' to her eggs when he cums inside her, thereby keeping her from gettin' knocked up.
My girl forgot her diaphragm so I had to pull out and cum on her tummy (ass-crack, back, whatever).
by xr7 September 02, 2004
1. to anally rape someone.
2. extreme physical or sexual harassment or assault of any kind, such as in the movie Deliverance.

Deliverence is a movie where some people canoeing down a river are terrorized by the local, inbred, hillbilly population. One of the characters does, in fact, get anally raped, another is orally raped.
You'd better back off or he'll go all deliverance on you.
by xr7 August 30, 2004
more background:
because the man she's cheating with would often use her "back door" for sex, have sex anally, so that the husband wouldn't detect she's had sex with someone else (if he had sex with her later). Also, for the woman, to avoid pregnancy by someone other than her husband. (and thus, avoid getting caught cheating when the baby didn't look like, or was a different color than, the husband.
That is Betty's back door man she's with tonight.
by xr7 August 31, 2004

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