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What the hell are you doing?
wthayd? its saturday and ur not put partying?

you use it in any way you want really....
by xoxoxCJxoxox February 28, 2009
love ya; love you
i <3 ya
<3 ya like a sista
<3 ya
by xoxoxCJxoxox February 28, 2009
what u sya when u think something is really funny
boy (nerd):heyy
boy:guess what......
boy:i love u....
by xoxoxCJxoxox March 01, 2009
A blonde word
another way to say 'illeagal'
the opposite of 'leagal' and 'illeagal'
thats unleagal
im unleagally funny
unleagally blonde
courntey has an unleagal drivers license
is it unleagal to be an american citizen if im an african?
by xoxoxCJxoxox February 28, 2009

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