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She is the prettiest/sexiest/funniest girl ever, she loves the spotlight, loves socializing, she is everything you would need in a girl. If you need any advice for anything, you must see her, she will listen to your problems and give you feedback. She is the most loyal girl you will ever meet, the realest of the real. Watch out though, don't get on her bad side... she's sneaky and shiesty! She's so silly, will make you feel comfortable and will make you laugh for hours! She will treat you how you treat her. A big head turner on the streets! Amazing in bed!
"Look at Corinne...She's such a Corinne!"
"I wanna be Corinne.."
"Look at him with that pretty girl.. I bet her name is Corinne!!"
by xoxoqueenxoxo April 14, 2010
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