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Refers to the frothing of the mouth often comically representative of eagerness and desperation. It's used to describe an overly desperate or needy person (both male or female) in a dating situation.
A man and a woman hooked up once, exchanged numbers, and part ways. the woman calls or texts all the time, asking for a date or another hook up - constantly offering herself on a silver plate. She is a frother.
#needy #desperate #eager #clingy #obsessive
by xmko September 08, 2008
Used as an abbreviation for "that's great", a phrase often used heavily dipped in sarcasm following an intensely boring or irrelevant anecdote made by another person.

Can also be used as an adjective.
person 1: i just bought a car
person 2: tg no one cares
person 3: yea you're so tg

#tg #whatever #lame #that's great #whatevs
by xmko September 08, 2008
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