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Every tweet, email, text, or similar electronic method of communitcating kills a virtual tree or otherwise known as an "e-tree"

Long ago people use to talk on a phone or sometimes even in person where emotion and sarcasm are more easily detected. These new age versions of communication often poorly sum up emotion and jokes in phrases like "lol" and ":)p"

You have a choice so get off your iphone and computer and call your friend
i hate reading email...save an e-tree and call me
by xman5k February 07, 2011
When you decide to be courteous and use another toliet in the event that someone will be using the bathroom right behind you.
i decided to be turdeous and use the hotel lobby toilet this morning instead of our rooms bathroom. You can thank me later because holy crap I stunk it up in there.
by xman5k February 07, 2011

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