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One who stabs yer back, yet professes to not do such things. Occurs in enterprise IT environments particularly in the south eastern region of the U.S.
Dude enterprise back-stabber told on me for circumventing the firewall! What an asshole.
by xl0 August 23, 2004
One who pretends to have a reef to gain friends and community. Generally a reef fag. See also Reef Fairy
Dude, corriewf is such reef poser. Have you seen that thing he's calling a tank? Total weakness..
by xl0 June 20, 2005
the term solopimp derives from the great solopimp himself, Steve, who does nothing but roll deep all day long in ITS.

Also meaning, kick ass.
Dude, check out my dual monitor setup! It's solopimp!

I'm a solooo peeempppp livin dis wuuuurllldd..
by xl0 August 23, 2004
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