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Something that describes an individual entity by it's properties.
Humans can identify themselves with a birth name.

E.g.-"My mother named me Mistake, now I have an identity."
#name #identity #entity #thing #existence
by xerocide April 10, 2006
1. To speak in a very sloppy manner, usually under ones breath, without using the mouth to form words properly.
Mumbler: "asfjeihwghckndiwhf food qfdiqwhfiwhf"

Responder: "Dude, shut the fuck up, and stop mumbling"
#talking #speech #language #people #mouth
by xerocide January 03, 2006

1. A system of communication stemming from immature, and retarded humor. Over a period of time, close friends or kin develop a language through which they can speak without revealing their conversation, similar to that of jibberish, though the words are usually pronounced by means of mumbling, almost impossible to understand pronunciation, usually made more difficult to decipher by mixing in slang. Not to be confused with ebonics, ever.
Brother 1: "shih dem duhe, chihk hs fuhin nc as."

Brother 2: -Laughing/Nod-

Translation: "Shit, damn dude, that chick has a fuckin' nice ass."

I dubbed it "The Language", because it's the best form of communication you can have between a close friend, and maybe now more people will use it.
#language #slang #conversation #talk #speech
by xerocide January 03, 2006
A way of saying Fucking, without the same level of vulgarity, and also a way to make yourself sound like a complete Dork if said seriously with no tone of sarcasm.

See also Fecking.
Example 1-
Fat Old Man: "..."

Example 2-
Mother: "Johnny, please pass the Efking salt for your father."
Johnny: "Ok, I will pass the Efking salt.

Example 3-
Suicidal Man: "I hate this Efking world."
Random Dickhead: "Go jump off an Efking bridge!"
Suicidal Man: "Suck my Efking penis, I can't swim!"
#efking #fucking #lol #fuck #profanity
by xerocide November 14, 2007
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