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Redneck/Hick version.
Fuck dem fags. We live in 'merica! land of the free. Sept for dem rag heads.
by xavier wells December 07, 2010
One who fucks penis
hey andrew, I heard you fuck penis, are you a penisfucker?
by xavier wells October 16, 2010
One who fucks dick so fast that they are forced to go into overdrive
Hey andrew, i heard your able to go into a state of Dickfuckeroverdrive
by xavier wells October 16, 2010
To beat/destroy someone at something in such an epic manner, that the letter "e" in "rape" can no longer support the word, and as a result, the internet will implode upon itself if said letter is not replaced with the number "3".
"Bro you just got raped"

*internt implodes
Jonny: "gosh darnit, i should've used rap3d"
by xavier wells October 19, 2010
A devise one must insert into their rectum upon learning the secret of the space-time continuum, whereby the mental energy required to process these thoughts outweighs that of gravity itself; and creates an unstable void in our very universe. The anti-matter suppository capsule combats this with copious amounts of radiation.
*smoking weed alone in basement:

hits large bowl; *thinks about the origins of the universe

*universe begins to impode upon itself
*sticks Anti-Matter Suppository Capsule (AMSC) in rectum
*all is as it was... except now incredibly high
by xavier wells March 05, 2012
Laughing On a Box Outside.
Text to random homeless person: "hey gabbi, why did the chicken cross the road?"

Gabbi: "why"

Random person: "because it had AIDS"

Gabbi: "LOBO!"
by xavier wells December 07, 2010

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