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"Sport" in which fully grown men (and sometimes women) indulge in choreographed physical violence. e.g. wcw e.t.c.

Often misinturperated by incompetent youths -under the misconception that it is "cool" and "macho" to prance around a ring dressed in spandex grasping at another man also dressed in spandex- as real violence and repeated in the playground e.t.c.

Entertainment for blood thirsty, simpletons who cannot grasp the concept of reality and fiction.

A superiority complex based around a persons inferiority complex. Inferior as they do not have a high IQ and can only express emotion through violence and rage.

I know it seems narrow minded of me to attack "wrestlers" (a.k.a: BAD ACTORS)by implying that wrestleing is a homosexual act. This is not an attak on the gay community, yes: i am implying that wrestling is gay but only because i know that this will annoy the narrow minded, blood thirsty, incompetent individuals that gain a sadist pleasure from inflicting pain upon others. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.
If u think that your a big man because you touch other men whilst wearing spandex, then thats your problem.
by x_X_x February 22, 2004

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