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jonas brothers fans or "jb fans" are preppy teenage girls that are in love with the jonas bros Almost all jb fans like the jbs only for their looks and not their music

jb fans come in two different kinds
the first kind is the young group consisting on litte preteen girls that will have a bird if you bash them most jb fans have bad grammer and wirte "shtu da fuxk uppp das jbs rulez"
and they also are little brats they beg and beg their parents for concert tickets and other jb shit

then you have the second group of jb fans the type that could careless if you dont like the jbs and will befriend you and respect your opinon and wont kill you those are the true jb fans
jonas brothers fans
by xXxAshleysluvsAlexilaihoxXx April 22, 2009

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