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South American people ( usually Mexican) a racial term like "nigger" for black people
Beaner is said because of the skin colour of the beans is usually same as the mexicans. In games can be used as a definition of a person who does not know how to speak english and plays an english game
<Beaner> hablo englais?

<xXNoobskiXx> stfu beaner
by xXNoobskiXx May 04, 2009
The biggest continent in the world, Asia will someday dominate the world, somehow.

Either everyone in the world has asian blood or just beat everyones asses until only asians are left.Someday everybody in the world will have asian blood in them no matter how small the amout. Theres China, India, Russia, Phillipines, Japan, Korea,Sri Lanka,Vietnam,Taiwan,Thailand, Singapore, Iraq,Isreal ( yes Jesus was Asian), and only so much more

<Chris.E> hey guys i just found out i'm asian!
<Nellwyn> But your white. white people can't be asian!

<Chris.E> Well my great grandfather was chinese so im 12% asian and besides im Lebanese so white people CAN be asian!

<Nellwyn> Fuck yo that's Asian Domination!
by xXNoobskiXx May 04, 2009
When males have sex or masturbation after the cumming and then when it turns flacid again you get a clear blob of aftercum
Mike's chode made a small aftercum
by xXNoobskiXx October 18, 2009
Table of Contents

1. Intro--The Art of Snitching
2. Before Snitching
3-1. When should you snitch
3-2. When NOT to snitch
4. How to Snitch

1. Snitching is not just something you do, it is an art.
"To Snitch or Not to Snitch" a great one once said
Snitching is basicly telling on someone, but with this guide you will learn how to snitch REDEFINED!
Snitching is telling on another person. Telling another person who cannot do anything about it or does not have high authority does NOT count as snitching.

2. Before Snitching, always make sure you have a comeback incase a counter snitch ( in that case when you snitch on somebody they snitch back) a back up plan and ALWAYS know the consequences of snitching.

3-1. When should you snitch? Well you ONLY snitch during the following:

-when something SERIOUS happens (sometimes even with friends...) eg. someone got stabbed
-when someone snitches on you, you are entitled to 2 free snitchess to the same person.
-when the person does a DICK move to you
- when a person breaks a formal agreement or deal
- if someone has stole something over the value of $5 from you, if someone else, you may tell them but in that case they will have to snitch not you, or else you will be the bigger snitch

3-2. When NOT to snitch (below)
-When someone steals something less than $5 you should not snitch, but you can confront them or steal something of 1.5X value or lower
- NEVER snitch when there is a little friendly prank, or just a casual fight (but you may get revenge)
-When a friend snitches on you, you may call them a snitch for a day or two but NEVER snitch back on them.

4. HOW to snitch, now here comes the art of snitching
To Snitch, sooner or later you know the victim will find out. but you should try to conceal it and have less suspiscion every time you snitch. Try to snitch when the person is away and then go. and do not EVER let the person interrupt while you are snitching because.
A. they can counter snitch, or tell their side of the story
B. After you are done, they will do the same to you

In Conclusion i do not prefer snitching myself unless it is a major cause. Snitching is a great power, and when there is great power it takes great responsibility. (Spiderman 1)
To Snitch or Not to Snitch?
That is the Question
For me to know.
and You to answer.
the fate is yours.
by xXNoobskiXx September 11, 2009
When it is used as a name it is used to define a white gay queer.They are blonde, white and have freckles

When encountering a Hooper

Make sure you stay put they will react to sudden movements.

Behaviour of a Hooper

They always think they are the best and they also ego too much. They have big mouths and live in a tiny world. They usuallly Flirt and try to get girls but girls accept him as a gay friend
<Ernest> hey i'm grade 7 in piano and im in the 7th grade

<Chris> You suck im the same grade as you but im in grade 4 Piano playing grade 8! you suck shit!

<Ernest> (leaves,walks away and mumbles) what a Hooper
by xXNoobskiXx May 04, 2009
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