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An Asian name for an Asian person. Awesome at sports, not with the ladies, though most his friends are girls.
Usually very ganster and obsessed with Drake and Eminem.
Girl: Hey Chang!
Chang: Yo babe.
Chang: Oh Sh*t.
by xXLemonLimeXx May 12, 2010
A kid that everyone loves and is obsessed with. Known to have long hair and awesome at sports. Ladies love him, they are always asking for a hug, but Adam denies it.

Though everyone loves him, no one 'like-likes' him, so being single is part of his life for now.
Ex. 1
Adam is playing basketball but he's off, on the bench, but the whole crowd is chearing "WE LOVE YOU ADAM"

Ex. 2
Girls: ADAM!!
Adam: D8 Get awaayyyyyy.
by xXLemonLimeXx May 13, 2010
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