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4 definitions by xTruth_Hurtsx

two anorexic streaks of piss who can't acts, sing, design or produce.
every couple of years they come out with a straight-to-video film that no body buys.
why are they still around?
because they have blonde hair blue eyes and, admittedly, they strike a good pose.and prepubescents.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen make straight to video films that appear on nickelodeon after about 3 weeks.
by xTruth_Hurtsx May 04, 2007
a white boy who acts and talks like/wants to be a nigga!
white boy: what's happening cuzzz?

nigga: pshh, cuzzz, why you is talking like that?

white boy: i is always talk like this bruvvvvvvvv

nigga: yo sure is a wigga.

white boy: ey, yo, blud.... don't be talking to me like im you're bredrin

nigga: don't get rude to a nigga though...

white boy: rare boy... i'll got rude to hu eva i want though init?

(white boy was jumped by some niggas the next day. he was stabbed. they took his weed, phone... and trainers.)
by xTruth_Hurtsx May 04, 2007
used to describe a woman (usually) hu has a saggy arse.
boy 1: man! that hoe sho is assed up from the calves up!

boy 2: fligga is talking crazy. mo fo has some bitchin arse. i'd sho like to slap up, slap down and slam on that!

boy 1: fo shizzle!
by xTruth_Hurtsx May 04, 2007
this basically means like, gay stereotype.
think a flamboyant, effeminate man who likes to think he has taste.
loves kylie/madonna/cher.
who talks like julian clary.
that julian clary, he's a terrible comedian! he's basically making money for being camp!
by xTruth_Hurtsx May 04, 2007