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1-noun-the act of tieing a sock to someones doorknob, ringing the doorbell, and then either hiding in a bush nearby or running

2-verb-the execution of 1
Hahah, we operation socked Amanda and the sock is been on her doorknob for over a month!
by xT29x February 03, 2009
1-(noun)-the act of (in steps):
1) Make several hot girls think you like him
2) Hope that one of them starts to like you back. if so, proceed to (3)
3) Lead them on one day
4) Go up to their lockers and say "hi" in the most monotone voice possible, act like you think they are the biggest bitch alive and that you hate them in your tone of voice
5) after she says "hi" back, walk away laughing
6) laugh at the rumours going around about how you are an asshole

2 - (verb) - the execution of the 1
That bitch is stuck up, I'm about to urban sweetness that bitch!

The best day in high school was when i pulled an urban sweetness on the hottest girl in the school
by xT29x February 03, 2009

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