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1.Character on the classic 90's sitcom, Seinfeld, George's father.

2.a activity, generaly a (sexual) move.
- when a man purposly hits the brake of the car and holds out his arm in front of the woman in front to cop a feel of her breasts
1. That Frank Costanza celebrates festivus

2. I most definetly pulled a Frank Costanza the other day on this hot chick.
by xSchaefx August 30, 2004
Ketchup or Catsup product that most likely will clog your arteries until death strikes you. Estimated to have 2 whole sticks of butter in every bottle along with other fattening agents.
Originated from Mark's basement. It was spray painted in the side of the stairs.
Get your "fatsup" in the stores.
by xSchaefx June 22, 2004
universal adjective created by some middle school kid fucks.
Originated from the 8th grade lunch table along with "sponge sponge sponge, jason get the sponge" and the soon to fail "rip van winkle"
that was "bunson"
by xSchaefx June 22, 2004

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