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2 definitions by xDoubleZer00x

Someone who spends all of his or her life trying to reach the top, without any regard to anyone or anything that gets in the way.


Someone who wants recognition for something that is pretty meaningless in comparrison to the negative effects caused by the actions of an individual.

In a nutshell: A person who achieves very little by destroying a lot, and expects praise - (often gets it by the ignorant individuals among us).
'I heard Jimmy won the Gold medal in the 2012 olympics!, what a guy!',

'dude, he baught that on ebay, its made of tin'
'geez, what a hoopstar!'
by xDoubleZer00x March 22, 2010
6 1
yet another name for marijuana, not often used but still one of my favs.

it is also a type of marijuana, as in a strain.
that doublezero blew me away, got any more?
by xDoubleZer00x December 10, 2009
5 3