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total bad ass girl whos name might set off a different appeal, but when you see her you’ll shit bricks in your pants. She usually hangs out with her own group and won't look your way until you gain her friendship. For that, you have to make the effort because she won't. She might be scary on the outside but in a way that it's sexy. Whenever you go shopping with her she tends to drag you to Hot Topic or Forever 21 and then after a good break down of searching for studded belts or spiked bracelets, you most likely head back to your house and blast rock music like Escape the Fate or Senses Fail from your speakers while doing your hair and makeup together. Her and her girl friends spend a lot of their time hunting down boys with long straightened hair and face piercings. Dorothy is one of the best people you can meet. Appearance might make you poop but she's funny and nice and dangerously cool, not to mention one of my best friends :)
Henry, a loser at school: Hey dorothy i was wondering if-

Dorothy: fuck off before i eat your soul from the inside and send your body to the demons to feed on

Henry, a loser at school: -shits pants and runs off-
by xDaisyDisasterx November 13, 2010

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