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Similar to bisexual (where you like both men and women), it basically means you are curious about being bisexual or you think you might be bisexual.
Female 1: Didn't you used to be dating Bill?
Female 2: Yeah, but he dumped me. I've gotten over him, and I'm starting to like a friend of mine, Jenny...
Female 1: Oh really? So you're bi?-Not that I have anything against it..
Female 2: Well I'm not totally sure yet, I guess for now I'm bicurious
by xDGoMuSiCxD January 03, 2010
A person who gets more irratable or sad in the Winter because they don't like snow or cold.
Guy 1: I don't get why my girlfriends been sadder than normal. She's been pregnant for a month now and she was so happy at first, but ever since winter just started, she's been sadder.

Guy 2: Aww, I don't know...Maybe she just has a case of WINTER DEPRESSION. Obviously, she can't be PMSing.

Guy 1: Ya you're probably right about having Winter Depression.

Guy 2: I mean have you been in any recent fights with her?

Guy 1: Nothing recent.

Guy 2: Then you've got nothing to worry about
by xDGoMuSiCxD January 02, 2010
Getting addicted to looking at/ sending e-mails, letting several hours go by being oblivious to everything but your own e-mail world.
Person A: I thought we were going to hang out 2 hours ago...

Person B: I know....I got stuck in an e-mail coma/loop, forgetting about the time. Sorry. I had a never ending circle of e-mails to read. I haven't checked my e-mail in a month, resulting in 1,356 unread e-mails...I totally forgot about it...Sorry!!

Person A: Oh I see...ya that happens to me all the time..Anyway, How about hanging out tommorow?
by xDGoMuSiCxD January 02, 2010

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