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2 definitions by xBioBloodx

Short for the popular donut and coffee shop Tim Hortons
Person one: Go to Timmybob's and get me a Donut

Person two:Glazed or sprinkles?

Person one: I hate Sprinkles!
by xBioBloodx August 30, 2009
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A Airfuck is a person who is acting creepy and is being annoying at the same time,The word comes from the words "Air head" and "Fucker" and when those two words are combined you get the result of "Airfuck"
Person one: I dont know what was wrong with My sister last night,She randomly walked in my room and started hitting me while i was trying to play my Xbox 360,I told her 3 times to stop

Person two: Wow,she is an Airfuck

Person one: You aint kidding
by xBioBloodx August 29, 2009
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