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Tend to be Cheerleaders and dress in expensive brand clothes like Abercombie and Fitch,American Eagle,Hollister,ect.
Like to say Omg She said What,Shut up she did wut,and Like(ALOT).Always Fixing there hair and complaining about that there too fat,that they hate their hairline and their Eyes ect.They tend have have a bf/gf no matter what when they break up with one next week they have a new guy/girlthink they own everything and think they are better than everyone.Must always be in style
Wear pants that are usually ripped because of the new sytle
Wear short shorts,short skirts
if shorts arent shotr enough they tend to rol them up to make them short to show just above there ass
The prep rolled up her gym shorts becaue they was to long for the boys to see her ass
by x3Prepxeaterx3 March 16, 2006

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