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A ski-doo that don't go
John blew the head gasket on his ski-doo, now it's a ski-don't
by x11198109v0 December 23, 2012
Floating face down in water, making it difficult to breathe
The Coast Guard pulled a body out of the water that was doing the dead man's float
by x11198109v0 October 03, 2014
A sale on items at K-Mart that are stained after employees had sex on or near them on 3rd shift when the store is closed. A twist on the "blue light special" they had at K-mart in the 1980's and shining a black light to find semen stains. A Black Light Special in aisle #2 may denote that it was anal sex.
After K-mart employees or shoppers have sex in the store, a sale on items that have semen stains on them found with a black light. Black Light Special in aisle #2
by x11198109v0 February 08, 2015

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